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professional and home use qualifications in aromatherapy and holistic therapies  

In House 

Professional Aromatherapy Diploma

Theory only or theory with massage all taught in a principle aromatherapy tutor. 30 days over a minimum of 10 months to 24 months. 

A level 3 Anatomy & Physiology qualification is required.


Theory only £2500

Theory and massage £3000

Online Theory Only Professional Aromatherapy Course

Ideal for those who would like to make prescription blends for clients or those who already have a massage qualification and looking to add bespoke aromatherapy .

A level 3 Anatomy & Physiology qualification is required.

Theory only £2000

In House Professional Aromatherapy Massage Course

Learn Aromatherapy Massage in conjunction with the theory online course for a more flexible option of study.  This course is also ideal for anyone looking to return to practice and needs some confidence. 




5 days


Professional Aromatherapy Upgrade Course

Take your aromatherapy qualification to the next level in professional aromatherapy. After an assessment will will discover the areas that you need to take further study in and set a plan for you to complete these tasks.


This is also ideal if you are returning to practice and would like to revise your knowledge to become comfortable and confident in your practice.

from £500

Aromatherapy Holistic Facial


For qualified aromatherapists looking to add some beautiful rituals and techniques to their facial treatment. 



2 days in house


Aromatherapy Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage


For qualified Aromatherapists this hot stones back, neck and shoulder massage. This is one of the most booked treatments at the clinic. Using a combination of aromatherapy massage with hot stones techniques and gentle stretch.

1 day £130

Aromatherapy Ear Candling with Facial Pressure Point Massage


For qualified Aromatherapists. The perfect treatment for easing congestion and sinus discomfort. This treatment also offers relief to ringing in the ears and head tension.

1 day £130 

Aromatherapy Interest Days for Anyone Interested in using Essential Oils Safely

For qualified Aromatherapists or students. These are sessions of approximately 3 hours which aim to help anyone with an interest in aromatherapy how to use essential oils safely at home and for friends and family.

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Anatomy & Physiology Course

Level 3

This is an online level 3 Anatomy & Physiology course that is perfect for aromatherapy students and those wanting to refresh their knowledge.  The course is approved by the IFPA and is run by Essential Training Solutions.

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Aromatherapy Hot Stone Full Body Massage CPD

For qualified Aromatherapists this hot stones full body massage  is the perfect treatment for relaxation. The hot stones glide over the body in rhythmic movements to ease muscular tension. You will need to buy your own hot stone kit but it will be the best investment you will make.







2 days £250

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Chemistry 

CPD or upgrade

Essential oil chemistry is probably that hardest to learn if you aren't that way inclined. We have created a course that will help aromatherapists to review this fascinating subject which helps us to understand safety , hazards and cautions. This course is ideal for those looking to refresh their knowledge or for students needing more support in this area.


2 days in house


Online with assessment


Subtle Aromatherapy


For qualified Aromatherapists. Join us for a beautiful day of looking at the subtle energy and healing properties of essential oils. Learn how their invisible powers connect humans and nature. The day includes meditation, making blends for protection and clearing negative energies in the meridians, our work spaces and homes.

1 day