Small Group and Private Fitness Pilates Classes for Women

We offer private fitness classes that help woman to achieve their goals with an understanding of the concerns most women have about their body. We have positive energy and  will be here to support and encourage you through your fitness.  As women, we know what women want and the areas that give them most concern.


We believe that woman should be able to carry on their fitness at home and for that reason, all you will need is a flexi-band, set of weights and a mat. These classes are designed to be achievable for all whilst working deeply and intensely as well.  Using weights, bands, balls and your own body is all you need. Things that can easily be stowed away and used readily. We will set home goals in between classes so that your fitness for life journey continues.


Private classes can be taken at the clinic or via a live online portal.


We keep the numbers low in the online group classes so that we can observe and assist you with techniques and different options.  We can't wait to see you to begin this new way of teaching and learning that will leave us all feeling totally connected and confident in our capabilities..


We are available for private classes here at the clinic that focus on your needs. We only use weights, bands and balls and no equipment so that you can continue your training in between sessions.

£45 for 60 minutes

£35 for 45 minutes

Our  classes focuses on core strengthening, muscle toning and flexibility. Based around contemporary Pilates style exercises combined with traditional toning and sculpting particularly to the legs, bums and tums. Excellent for building core strength to protect the spine, create good muscle definition and aid the prevention of brittle bones. In line with  to our belief in holistic health we begin the class with subtle breathing to calm and ground us to be able to open the mind and prepare the body. The class closes with gentle stretching and guided breathing relaxation. All you need is a mat, cushions and a blanket.


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