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Prescription Aromatherapy Blends

These bespoke blends are created to help symptoms of unease and imbalance. Aromatherapy is a holistic practice which means that we treat you as a whole person and that is what holistic really means. We aren't medical professionals but aromatherapy is considered a complementary therapy. A professional aromatherapist does not claim to cure but does have the knowledge of the possibilities that plant therapy can bring to help. Although research may be limited, this is changing and there have been studies which show essential oils may be beneficial for physical and psychological symptoms.


When we mix and blend for you, it comes from at least two thought processes. Firstly, essential oil chemistry. We study this in detail on our courses so that we know which compounds in essential oils can benefit or even be a hazard. On a physical level we may work at around 3% dilution for topical application for an average adult. These dilutions change for children, pregnancy and the frail. 


Then there is subtle aromatherapy which is involved with the invisible energy channels in and around the body including meridians, chakras and aura. These energy channels can become blocked or dull when we experience physical and psychological upset to our natural rhythm and flow. This subtle energy is difficult to explain because we can't see it. But, it is real.


In the western world the popularity in the practice of using natural remedies in favour of medical  and scientifically proven theories faded but, many are now flocking to yoga and meditation in search for inner peace and physical health of the mind, body and subtle energy (spirit).


At the clinic we are always looking for balance for our clients and the only way to do that is to treat from all of aspects of the person we are treating. If a client came and is upset emotionally, we might use essential oils that work to lift their energy and emotional vibration on a subtle level as that might be what they need. If they are fighting infection then we and can't get rid of a cold, we would go stronger and use essential oils that contain antiviral and immune boosting properties. 

When we make a blend, it will be holistic. We will have considered clients needs through in depth consultation. We will look at underlying factors which may be causing the physical symptom and we will look at the emotional level balance and take into consideration the effect on subtle energy.

You see aromatherapy is both an art and a science. Plants interact perfectly with humans and animals in our whole environment from the outside world and in where they are used in foods, cosmetics, perfumery and cleaning products. Essential oils are incredibly intense versions of the original plant and that is why they are so powerful. 

Whatever your reason for seeking our help, we will treat you on all beliefs of holistic health.

Costing a Blend

Due to the vast price differences between essential oils, it is difficult to be specific on price. Some essential oils like Lavender True cost £10  for 10mls whilst True Rose (Rosa damascena)  is about £65 for 2.5mls. This is because plants like herbs grow in abundance and thrive in hard conditions whereas delicate flowers have to be nurtured and are more fragile. It takes around 250,000 rose petals to make 5mls of essential oil and about 2lbs of Lavender to make 10mls.  This pricing principle applies to the bases we use as well. Natural butters and plant carrier oils also vary in price.


So, for this reason, we need to calculate the cost of each ingredient that we use. This is why aromatherapy blends are so bespoke. For every person that we create a blend for, the end product will be unique to that person. Usually we would make a small blend to start, such as a 10ml roller ball. We do that to see how the blend works for the client and whether we need to adjust it up. An example of this would be a pain ease type of blend for muscular discomfort or injury. We may start at around the 3% dilution but have room to increase if needed for a stronger effect. 

General pricing

Including consultation which is essential 

10ml roller ball £15

3oml bottle £20

100ml bottle £35


muscle aches

head tension

wound healing




30g Face or Skin Oil or Balm £25

50g - £45


problematic skin

skin blemish

100ml Body Oil £40


problematic skin



Our governing bodies have issued statements stating that they do not advocate the use of essential oils neat on the skin or by ingestion. This comes down to the chemistry that was mentioned earlier. Some essential oils can cause convulsions, skin irritation, are photo toxic (react with UV light) and some have the potential to bring on a rejection of a fetus as well as interfering with anti-coagulant and diabetic medication. Always seek the advice of a qualified aromatherapist.


We are qualified at the clinic to the highest standards in our industry. We have undergone rigorous training and have to prove that we continue to study and stay up to date with legislation post qualification. with You will find us on our governing bodies registers and we are more than happy to show you our certificates.   


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